Why I am Not Renewing on WordPress


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First, for weeks now I have not been able to read or write on my site without interruptions from WordPress with messages requesting usage of space on my drive.

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These messages blocked any effective use of the site; they come and go unpredictably and when they appear I have to leave the site hoping that they will stay away the next time I visit, but those occasions are few.  If I press ‘Allow’ they come back asking for more space each time.   If I press ‘Don’t Allow’ they just kept sending the messages, effectively blocking any use of the site.  The thugs are extortionists!

Consequently some posts take a long time to write, according to when WordPress would allow it.

Second, I have not been able to ‘like’ some bloggers’ posts.  Again occasionally they stop blocking me from doing so but it’s unpredictable.

Third, I must log in separately each time I want to post a comment.  This happens often.

Fourth, I thought paying extra money for a premium site means no advertisements but no, WordPress advertises other bloggers’ posts when my readers log on to mine.  I don’t know how much people pay WordPress to do this but I know that they are not there due to their merit.

I suggest readers do not visit these advertised sites.  I do not recommend them.

Since WP insists on inserting items on my page whether it be pop-ups or advertisements, I feel that it would be foolish to pay for a premium account.

Time to  go.  I’m on my way.






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Loss and Gain

We have a saying in Chinese, 塞翁失馬,焉知非福 – ‘like the man who lost his horse, who’s to know if it’s not good fortune’?  Rather a mouthful when translated into English, but like most Chinese sayings, there’s a story to go with it.

I thought of this when I was told that my Chinese calligraphy workshop and the course for the next two terms have been cancelled due to the lack of interest.

The story goes:  A man lost a mare that strayed over the border but needed no sympathy.  He said, who knows? it may be a good thing.  His mare came back with a stallion in tow but he wanted no congratulations.  He said, it may not be a good thing.  His son rode the stallion, fell off and broke a leg.  Again he said it may turn out OK and sure enough, when the army came through his town and conscripted the young men to war, his son was left behind due to his injury.  Few of the others returned.  So the loss of the mare resulted in his son surviving the war.

I am a volunteer tutor so it’s not as if I’ll be losing income.  In fact, I’ve gained many hours of leisure due to the cancellation.  For years I’ve been wanting to go back to playing with clay.  Now I have time.


Update:  As it happened ten students turned up to enrol in the course and there was no rest for me after all.

Since then I have retired from teaching and concentrated on my urban orchard and posting on my blog.  Recent events have suggested a new direction: no more blogging as I am not able to post or read posts without countless interruptions.

I have removed most of my translations of classical Chinese poems from this blog and will work on publishing them in a book.  I will not be renewing my premium account but this site will be sitting here and those who find it worthwhile may still visit the remaining posts in the archive.

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