Two Weeks a Blogger

I have already forgotten why I decided to write a blog two weeks ago.  Maybe I felt it was time I learn to do something new.  Actually I bought a website from Blue Host some time ago but abandoned it almost as soon as I started – it just didn’t make any sense to me at the time, and I lost interest.

The difference between my first attempt and the last two weeks is that I’ve also lost that feeling of anxiety of putting my words out there. Now I think: what does it matter?  I am writing and I love writing. I know there is too much writing out there already but no one has to read it.  Maybe that’s why I started the blog – to create a space for my work; like leaving copies on a bus or park bench for anyone to discover.  I hear people do that.

This has also become a depository for my poetry.  I’m glad to see that people I’d never met are reading them and ‘liking’ them.  They also like the photograph of my Black Genoa fig (in Goodbye Summer, Goodbye Figs) and people on a forum in Taiwan are discussing it in earnest.  It’s rather funny; I just wanted to show it off.  So many of them are checking out that post that I wrote them a little message in Chinese.  Taiwanese friends – I do not drug my figs. 

Some of my pieces were ‘reblogged’.  At first I was uncomfortable about seeing my article ‘posted by (someone else’s name)’ on someone else’s blog site; but it seems it’s done and that’s that.  The philosophy goes:  either they do it with good intentions i.e. telling others about your work and bringing more readers to you OR they run a site that ‘collects’ other people’s blogs instead of writing their own so they are not well regarded; people know.  You win some, you lose some and you can’t prevent or police it anyway.

I would say: so far, so good.  It has not been traumatic despite not being trouble free and there’s been some good moments.  I can always press ‘delete’ when I’ve had enough.

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