Four Weeks a Blogger

Blogging consistently for four weeks has taught me many lessons.

I am an urban orchardist so I want to share my experience.  I am a poet and I want to put forward my poetry so they do not languish in my computer.  I am living with an incurable cancer and I want to write about how one can live with limitations, but still live.

What I discovered was a so-called virtual world that, though not ‘actual’, is living and real. .  A world that does not listen passively to what you have to say; they respond. The ‘stats’ says so.

If navigating the dashboard is like exploring a minefield, then interpreting the ‘stats’ can be equally devastating.  It has taken me almost a month (why am I still here?) to teach my heart not to jump to the columns of the charts.

WordPress urges others to visit your blog,  Some take a look and each time they do, the chart goes up one.  The number of ‘visitors’ does not correspond to how many people read your blog, but simply the number of people who pressed a button to see if it’s worth reading.

The number of ‘views’ are more reassuring, especially when you can see that the ‘visitors’ have roamed about your blog to ‘look at’ your posts.  They are more than curious; they may be a little bit interested.

If you think the number of ‘likes’ confirms that people read your stuff and like it; do not be fooled.

It ain’t necessarily so

I am told that some bloggers routinely ‘like’ a bunch of posts to elicit interest in their own blogs; they may or may not have read those posts.  Every time you read someone’s blog and ‘liked’ it, you are also putting the same pressure on them.  It goes both ways.  That is why the wise usually receives the ‘likes’ with gratitude but refrains from celebration.

What I value most are the ‘comments’.  At least some of the comments are telling me that they have indeed read my words, appreciated what I wrote and want to connect with me to tell me so.  At least they have done more than press a button; though comments are not always compliments.

Recently I read that someone was abused for ‘liking’ someone else’s blog and not leaving a comment.  Now, abuse has no place anywhere.  No one owes you anything – they don’t have to visit you, read your stuff, like it or comment on it.  You have a choice to keep your work ‘private’ but if you ‘publish’, then take your place in this world full of wonderful images, poetry and words.  Be patient for acknowledgement of your own contribution but put away your ego.  Know that you are only a small part of a great thing and be content.

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7 Responses to Four Weeks a Blogger

  1. pvirant says:

    I often like. I rarely comment.


  2. We are all here for our own purposes. I think most people just need to accept the interaction they receive for what it is. Basic social media relationships. :)
    We get back what we put in.


    • Mary Tang says:

      True, but some people feel they don’t ‘get back what they put in’. I don’t use another social medium so it’s all new to me. One learns.

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      • Then those people must put in “more effort” to get what they wish back. It is all about what you wish to accomplish. :)

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      • Lauren says:

        Over the years I’ve had to come to terms with the idea that what I “get” from social media is just the experience of creating and allowing others to look at my creation. It reminds me of the old saying “A watched pot never boils”. I found your blog through wordpress. I’ve been quietly enjoying it, especially the Qing Dynasty Recipe post this week- I just finished watching the Netflix version of Empresses in the Palace and your post was a nice surprise. I also made a post yesterday about finding balance by realizing impermanence. Please keep writing. I will be here.

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        • Mary Tang says:

          Hi Lauren,
          Thank you for reading my work. The way I see it: I am writing regardless of whether people are reading or not, so why not put it out there. I appreciate that some bloggers will read and write quietly. We all know what we want but in the end, I mean The End, we all have to let go. I am just letting go before I lose control. :)


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