Autumn Colours

Sydney is evergreen and the change of season is not as dramatic as what I can see online in the Northern Hemisphere. The ‘blogs I follow’ are showing ‘the thaw’ and spring bulbs are bursting forth through once frozen ground.

Around my neighbourhood in the Lower North Shore you cannot easily discern that Summer is over.

Yes, our seasons are reversed; maybe that’s why the world sees us upside down (Down Under).  The weather is turning and we’ve had a few ‘cold’ nights of 14 degrees – Centigrade, that is.  I’m not good at conversion but the ‘rule of thumb’ is: 28ºC is 82ºF.  Our day time temperatures still hover around the mid twenties.

The combination of ‘cold’ nights and bright sunny days has brought on some red leaves in my street.  A few of us has walls of Parthenocisus – also called Virginia creeper or Boston Ivy so I can only imagine that they also colour the autumn of USA.  Yesterday I spotted the change and took a photo.  It’s not dramatic, I know, compared to the first bloom after the melting of snow but it’s the best I can offer.

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