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Bossing the Fruit Trees

I have little room in my urban orchard, a 20 square metres car space with 60+ trees. Under those circumstances, you have to play God; I mean I do.  A garden is an artificial world.  Every decision is woman made, … Continue reading

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追月 Chasing the Moon

According to Chinese custom, families gather on the night of the full moon which occurs in the middle of the lunar month, particularly in the eight month, the ‘Autumn Moon’.  The night after the full moon, it was said that … Continue reading

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Citrus myrtifolia “Chinotto”

The Chinotto is a sour orange tree that has an unique leaf form.  Its botanical name refers to its small, myrtle-like leaves.  Here it is compared to a sweet orange, Valencia. It is the first to flower in my garden. … Continue reading

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Techno Crisis – my iPhone died (and resurrected)!

I use my iPhone for photography so this morning I was distressed to find that it’d ‘died’ overnight.  Nothing but a blank face.  It won’t be charged; what’s wrong? Those of you who follow my blog know that I use … Continue reading

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I have no idea what’s going on outside my place.  The noise of metal grinding took me outdoors to investigate.  There’s a line of trucks in my lane; a sign on one of them says “Water Infrastructure” and in the … Continue reading

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A Cheese Omelet at Midnight by Robert Okaji (translation)午夜奶酪蛋

你從沒離去而不留幾句乏味的說話 -你身上毛衣適合你身材;明天應下雨 -抱歉蛋焦了;股市上星期跌了百分三 我也同樣地一定讓你去前照樣答你 -它配你眼睛;我喜歡聞到八月落的雨 -那奶酪好吃;我下月可能開個儲蓄戶 就那樣我讓你離去;洗餐具抹桌子 將鹽傾進瓶子內;抓著書同貓上床 同樣的曲子放得太頻,聲道已損 也許下次我應向你說明我的渴望 - 把它拋在地上會更好看 - 今夜你在這裏淋浴好嗎? - 給我一吻我便永無所欲 - 股市行情對我是老鼠屁! - 別走! 我會為你做午餐,為你烘七穀麵包 將麵包塗上黃油,裝配 Ikea 家具 為你結平帳目,大腿上刺青一隻豬 飲低酒精啤酒,甚至將頭髮染粉紅 只要你同意說出你心中之念 – 不, 還是告訴我,真心訴說我要聽的話 真實,直接地說;我會為你煮蛋 偷偷水煮但認真,老練煮熟而仍嫩 投資於我是個附息的交易 (c) Mary Tang 鄧許文蘭2015 A Cheese Omelet … Continue reading

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The Photograph

Thanks to Ian Morris OAM, aka Uncle Long Nose, I have the photo for my ‘Header’.  Here it is without the necessary cropping.  Taken at Keep River National Park in the Northern Territories, Australia.  Moments before this was taken, I was … Continue reading

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Someone Has to Do It

The work in a garden is never ending.  I have a container orchard, so the work is more intense. No tree is born to live in a pot, its roots bound by a container so that its search for water … Continue reading

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The Garden Loves a Thunderstorm

What a difference a day makes.  Yesterday the temperature reached 28ºC (82ºF) in Sydney and pushed a lot of spring growth. The threatened thunder storm was just a distant rumble from here.  It was disappointing as the plants respond to … Continue reading

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Coming Out of Winter

It’s 27ºC (80.6ºF) in harbour side Sydney today; so maybe it’s spring. The flowers are bursting forth; the deciduous trees are pushing out leaves.  There are baby figs on the White Adriatic! Photographs were taken today with my iPhone 5.

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I Used to Darn

I visited my 90 year old Auntie May and she admired the woollen top I was wearing.  I pointed out the hole I had in the sleeve.  Soon we were comparing holes in our knitwear. “I used to darn”, she said. … Continue reading

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The Seventh Night of the Seventh Waxing Moon

When I was a little girl, my grandmother would round up her granddaughters and have us worship the goddess on the moon.  I can still remember the sweet scent of the loose face powders and other toiletries that she’d prepared … Continue reading

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Cantonese Macbeth at Shakespeare’s Globe

When my friend told me about it, I felt quite moved and gratified to learn that a Hong Kong company will perform Macbeth at Shakespeare’s Globe in Cantonese.  How I wish I could be there.  As long as Cantonese is being … Continue reading

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A Calligraphy Workshop

I’d been giving classes in Chinese Calligraphy for Beginners as a volunteer tutor for a number of years.  Two years ago I retired but now the teacher who took over from me has quit and I’d been asked to return.  I have agreed … Continue reading

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My Free Fertiliser Factory

I have a miniature urban orchard and my FFF used to be a worm farm. My ‘orchard’ is a converted 20 square metres car space with two rows of fruit trees in containers on each side, totalling 60+ trees.  Most … Continue reading

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Picnic at Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney

I met my friends Jan, Ross and Sue for a picnic at the Botanic Gardens overlooking Sydney  Harbour today.  I took the ferry from Neutral Bay wharf and met the others at Circular Quay.  Our wharf is fairly new and … Continue reading

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My worms love paperbacks

I tore up a book and gave it to my worms.   I didn’t want to impose it on the op-shop.  Worms are blind so they didn’t mind. Since paper is made of organic material,  composting worms love paper and … Continue reading

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Reading Chinese

The language of 中國 China is 中文Chinese though some nations in the rest of the world calls it Mandarin.  The official spoken language in China is Putonghua普通話 (common speech), a dialect that other nations also call Mandarin.  普通話Putonghua is taught … Continue reading

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