A Cheese Omelet at Midnight by Robert Okaji (translation)午夜奶酪蛋











- 把它拋在地上會更好看

- 今夜你在這裏淋浴好嗎?

- 給我一吻我便永無所欲

- 股市行情對我是老鼠屁!

- 別走!


將麵包塗上黃油,裝配 Ikea 家具



只要你同意說出你心中之念 – 不,





(c) Mary Tang 鄧許文蘭2015

A Cheese Omelet at Midnight by Robert Okaji

You can’t ever leave without saying something,

no matter how insipid. That sweater looks good

on you. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow. I’m sorry

I burned the omelet. Nasdaq has plunged 3%

since last week. And I, in return, can’t let you go without

replying in equal measure. It matches your eyes. I love 

to smell rain in August. That cheddar was delicious. 

Maybe I’ll start a savings account. Next month.

So I wash dishes when you’re gone, wipe down the

counters, pour salt into the shaker, grab a book, join my

cat in bed. This tune’s been overplayed, the grooves’re

worn down. Maybe next time I’ll say what I mean,

tell you what I want: It would look better in a heap

on the floor. How about a shower here, tonight? Kiss

me and I’ll never think of it again. I don’t give a rat’s

ass about the stock exchange. Step away from that door!

I’ll make your lunch, butter your 7-grain toast, assemble

your IKEA furniture, balance your books, even dye

my hair pink, tattoo a pig on my thigh and drink light beer

in your honor, if you would agree to say what’s on your

mind. On second thought, don’t. Tell me, instead,

what I want to hear, but make it heart-felt. Truthful

and direct. Poached but earnest. Hard-boiled but tender.

I’ll cook your eggs. Invest in me. You’ll earn interest.

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3 Responses to A Cheese Omelet at Midnight by Robert Okaji (translation)午夜奶酪蛋

  1. robert okaji says:

    Love it. Thanks, Mary!

    Liked by 1 person

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