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To London Road

I can’t go into town without crossing Sydney Harbour; riding a bus on the Harbour Bridge and seeing the Sydney Opera House.  Yesterday the view of the harbour was obscured and our national icons dwarfed by a floating hotel, the … Continue reading

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Photographing the Moon

Who aimed a camera at the moon?  You, you, and you?  I know she woke me more than once and lured me outdoors to look at her.  Each time I raced home for the iPhone5 and paid my respect by taking … Continue reading

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Talking About the Moon

If the moon can hear us, her ears would be burning Everything is out of tune The Cat shadows the moon Norma prays to Casta Diva Till Luna’s black and blue She won’t heed Rusalka’s plea Moonlight plans to disappear … Continue reading

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Striking Season

That’s September in Sydney, when spring prunings stabbed into the ground or in a pot would root and grow new plants for free.  Here are some of my free plants. Some plants provide freebies ready made – the orchids have … Continue reading

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So Long Lives This

If a newspaper lasts a day, a magazine lasts a week and all journals are superseded by the next issue, how long would a blog post endure?  On WordPress alone, according to Users produce about 54.2 million new posts and 49.9 million … Continue reading

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A Freebie – Laab Kai (Thai Chicken Salad)

As a volunteer I am usually giving out the freebies but since I’ve been volunteering at MOSAIC, a multicultural centre in Chatswood (N.S.W. Australia), I often find myself on the receiving end.  Volunteer Tutors are offered free lessons given by … Continue reading

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Miniature Hong Kong – An Exhibition

Yesterday I went into downtown Sydney where Westfield is hosting an exhibition of miniature streetscapes of old Hong Kong, in their lobby.  I left the colony in 1967 and those miniatures reminded me of my childhood days. Those lanterns that we … Continue reading

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Y-Dang Troeung, Hong Kong

Originally posted on compassionatecanada:
“Never a Last Refugee” My parents named me after camp Khao I-Dang, the refugee camp where I was born. They did so to remember their survival, and those international aid workers who cared for them after…

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Coffee and Kitty Litter

I don’t drink much coffee and I don’t have a cat but when I walk up the street sometimes I bring home a big bag of coffee grinds and kitty litter.  Spent coffee grinds, that is, and 100% clay, for my … Continue reading

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Pruning or Shaping?

I prune my trees regularly to keep them out of each others’ way.  Occasionally I lop a limb off.  Mine is a miniature orchard with many trees in a small space.  Last weekend I saw a collector of citrus trees … Continue reading

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Philosopher or Psychopath

As a gardener, one must be philosophical but sometimes there’s a fine line between being a philosopher and a psychopath and today I feel like morphing into the latter.  A serial killer like Dexter, and the guilty that I’d like … Continue reading

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Visiting the Progenies

It’s spring and there’s been a procession of plants leaving my garden for fresh fields as it happens every year.  I am addicted to propagation and often run out of room as new plants  outgrow my tiny plot. Yesterday I … Continue reading

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Being Unfashionable

My brother had made a name for himself as a music producer and image consultant.  I can understand why he would feel uncomfortable about having a sister who ‘doesn’t care’ about how she looks.  Let me declare that he’d been giving me tips … Continue reading

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The Meaning of Life 命

The Chinese word for ‘life’ (ming命)is also the word for ‘fate’, as in “that’s life”.  It’s also the word for ‘order’, as in ‘command’ – something that has to be obeyed. Confucius said that at 50 he knew his fate … Continue reading

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Citrus Inodora – Russell River Lime

Sourced from a Far North Queensland nursery, my latest acquisition is an Australian native rainforest lime tree.  It is near extinct in the wild due to the loss of habitat from clearing.  It’s a spiky, little tree/bush that prefers the … Continue reading

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