Citrus Inodora – Russell River Lime

Sourced from a Far North Queensland nursery, my latest acquisition is an Australian native rainforest lime tree.  It is near extinct in the wild due to the loss of habitat from clearing.  It’s a spiky, little tree/bush that prefers the shade and for that reason it has earned a place in my collection.  I was also attracted to its rarity and unusual, holly like leaves.


I live in coastal Sydney so I did not expect it to thrive this far south.  Yet, although it grew little in the year since I brought it home, it is about to flower.  I have never seen a Russell River Lime so I am hoping the fruit will hold.  I have potted it up to give it the best chance.

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5 Responses to Citrus Inodora – Russell River Lime

  1. Bloody ripper, never even heard of it. Post a photo when you get one! I wonder if it’s round or oval. You see those little Gympie limes are quite round.


  2. mattb325 says:

    Wow, I’ve never seen one either – you see the finger limes doing quite well in quite cold locations well outside the subtropics, so maybe this one will be OK. But it certainly looks healthy – fingers crossed that the fruit sets and you can mix it with a fine Gin :-)

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