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Dear Health Minister: is this bandage worth $1,145.80 ?

Dear Health Minister, Thank you for offering to pay 80% of the cost of this compressed garment.  I should be grateful but I’m afraid this would be unfair to the tax payers to pay $916.64 as I believe it is … Continue reading

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Restless Design

Life can be pretty boring when you suffer from fatigue.  I sleep a lot but turn to craft when I am tired but restless.  I knit, I crochet, I try my hand at anything that requires little mental energy but … Continue reading

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Check List for Chinese Calligraphy

Humility Respect Calm Focus Connection Direction Space Beginning Middle End

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En Route to a Bad Ending

I’ve heard the story told many times before, so I know I must detach from all sense and sensibility to hear it again.  As a poet and a sort of sculptor I am practiced at granting creative license –mostly to … Continue reading

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Sestina, with Christmas Lights [from Vanishing Tracks]

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Sestina, with Christmas Lights [from Vanishing Tracks] Through the graves of trees comes a quiet that is almost conscious. A memory in search of its strength, like blood racing to the heart To…

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What to Do When the Rain Stops?

I had to tear myself from the garden this morning when the sun came out after the rain.  I have Pottery this morning.  ‘Three Hours of Bliss’ I had called it yet I was reluctant to walk off from my … Continue reading

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Happy Faces on a Rainy Day

It’s been showering on and off since 5:00 a.m. and it was getting me down by noon.  I went out with an umbrella to take some photos in the garden to cheer myself up:

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The Ninth Day of the Ninth Month重陽節

Today is Chong Yang Festival 重陽節,a day of remembrance for the Chinese.  It falls on the ninth day of the ninth month of the lunar calendar, when families go hiking and visiting their ancestor’s graves. When I was young, it … Continue reading

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Session Three: Introduction to Chinese Calligraphy

From the ten students enrolled, nine attended in session 1 and seven came to session 2 yesterday; the numbers attending are dwindling.  That has always been the pattern.  People discover how difficult it can be,  materials too expensive and difficult … Continue reading

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Service: Feeding the Hunger to Give and Make a Difference

Originally posted on Goal Fitness:
Choose Your Bowl Last Saturday I wiped clean my bowl of robust vegan mushroom soup with a hearty crust of bread.  Every morsel was worth savoring.  Not only because of the pleasing texture and taste,…

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North Sydney Produce Market

They come from all over the state to sell their produce once a month and are well rewarded.  People pay top money at this market – not me; I went to Flemington yesterday and paid less than half the price. … Continue reading

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Is This a Part of a Dream

It was 4:45;  I got out of bed, put on my pyjamas and sat in front of the computer for a while; woke up; read the poetry that my friends in distant parts of the world posted in their night then went back to bed.

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Session Two: Introduction to Chinese Calligraphy

Last Tuesday nine of the ten students turned up for Session One but the classroom was occupied.  Classes at MOSAIC are like that.  Some tutors enjoy their classes so much that they never want to leave.  I loath to knock … Continue reading

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Lines Stolen From a Private Letter Neither Fully Deleted Nor Fully Sent

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Lines Stolen From a Private Letter Neither Fully Deleted Nor Fully Sent Selflessness can consume you, too. We are birds signaling across a migration started in different seasons. Insistent longing, unsigned wind, eternity’s…

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RSVP – Chinese translation of Sunshine Jansen’s poem

This is my Chinese translation of Sunshine Jansen’s poem: (edited 25 Nov 15)。  My reading is in Cantonese: 敬請賜覆 曾幾何時 這成了你的名帖? 你的信號,你的笑語, 你的香氣- 那腐味 曾是多麼的強烈 那時你我 可能未到十七 嫩得那樣情願 手握著糖 送與陰間的馬 曾幾何時你成了這果? 紅,熟地躺在落葉間? 靠著未黃的青草發香 無意義地丟人現眼 那蒼白的蜂巢何往 皺著滴紅的 不復還? 我知道 你只在等待 不久我們的手 會因果子血紅 … Continue reading

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Look At Me Now

It’s the ugly duckling of the garden.  Whenever I offer a piece of it to a friend, they always say no, thanks.  They say it politely but I bet they were thinking: why did she offer me such an ugly … Continue reading

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Session One: Introduction to Chinese Calligraphy 書法

Last week MOSAIC at Chatswood confirmed that, after the cancellation of my calligraphy course, ten students came forward to enrol; so it’s back on again, starting tomorrow. I’d taken the cancellation as a sign from Heaven that I should have some … Continue reading

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A Beaux Stratagem for a Hot Weekend

Sydney has changed its clock to Daylight Saving and we’re getting days of high 20s and even towards 40ºC on several days this week.  It is fitting that it’s ending with a thunder storm and a sprinkle. I went into … Continue reading

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