The Retreat of the Drones

I am not claiming victory, as I know well that I am safe only for the interval before the next onslaught.

Last evening an ‘acting manager’ of Enable NSW called to apologise for the torment I’d suffered and to waive my debt.  A debt of 20% of a $1,145.80 elastic bandage that I know I did not owe.  No bandage is worth that amount of money.  Any idiot would know that, but not drones.

I was advised by my physiotherapist to apply for funding as my arm requires a custom made bandage during waking hours.  I’d been paying around two hundred dollars for each of these things; a minimum of two every six months is required for adjustments and sanitary reason.  Subsequently I was advised by Enable NSW of the Health Department that I qualified for 80% funding for two garments every six months but they must be measured and ordered through the physiotherapist.

For months until late last week I’d been hounded for the money.  $229.16 for my ‘20% contribution’.  I refused to pay.  Never mind how many people I spoke to or the number of times I told my story.  No one wants to know.  Not the physiotherapist, not Enable NSW and  definitely not their debt collectors.

Finally through Health Care Complaints Commission I was able to speak to someone who would listen.

So I asked:  what went wrong?  Thinking on her feet the ‘acting manager’ said oh the bill was actually for four garments, not one.  Hello?!  How can that be, when I am only qualified for two garments at a time and I only ordered and was supplied with ONE?  No answer to that.

The fact is that their invoice clearly stated: Qty: 1; not four.

I have had two cancers and the second is incurable.  I won’t list the number of complications I’m living with but the fact is I don’t have the energy to argue further.  The drones have retreated for now and hopefully I won’t live long enough to suffer another of their attacks.  It’s no fun speaking to debt collectors.  No fault was ever admitted and no fault will be fixed at Drones NSW.  Such is life.  I am philosophical – hence the title of my blog.

Update:  my physiotherapist informed me that Enable NSW has cancelled my funding.  Oh touché – you got me where it hurts, drones.




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10 Responses to The Retreat of the Drones

  1. Lol, debt!! Well done on your persistence! And for sharing it, it has been an interesting story that many of us can relate to.

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  2. waive your debt, indeed

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  3. arlingwoman says:

    I hope this is the conclusion. It is terribly hard to get doctors/medical people to give you prices. Frustrating when they can’t and then you walk a few feet to the billing desk and whammo! let’s hope this does it.

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  4. zdunno03 says:

    This has certainly been an ordeal for you. Hopefully this is an indication that it may end favorably soon.

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  5. Jan Schaper says:

    a well deserved victory . . . even if not complete

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