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Putting things in Perspective

I have received my annual report from WordPress.  It was humbling to find that my top post was one that contained the least words and just one picture.  I noticed its popularity and added another pic and a line in … Continue reading

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2015 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog. Here’s an excerpt: A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 7,400 times in 2015. If it were a NYC subway … Continue reading

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The Good Stuff

Today I need to notice the good stuff. The rain stopped and the sun is shinning.  The humidity is gone and there is a light breeze that fans my face as I walk around the orchard.  I have an orchard! The … Continue reading

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Bad Medical Practice

Look after yourself because if you rely on a GP, you are in for a rough ride.  At best, they’ll take your money and refer you to someone else (A LOT of someone else if you’re really sick) but if you … Continue reading

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Christ was Born–Hot Cross Buns have Risen

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Go Away, Summer Rain

I hear heavy rain outside my window.  Oh no.  My figs are ripening and what I least want is a deluge to rot the lot.  Last week we had two days of rain and some ripened fruit dropped to the … Continue reading

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My Number One Fig: Black Genoa

I have ten varieties of figs and the first two, the Black Genoa and the White Adriatic came to me as sticks smaller than pencils.  I potted them and kept moving them up into larger sized pots as time went by. … Continue reading

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What I want for Christmas is a Chocolate Ice Cream

So that’s what I had when I woke at 2:00 a.m. Christmas morning.  Not just any ice-cream but one with ‘Mexican Chilli and Churros’. Merry Christmas Everybody!  Hope you got what you wished for?

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How many pills are too many pills?

Doctors always have good reasons for prescribing medication, but are those reasons good enough for us to take whatever they recommend? I know a lot of people who takes more than twenty pills a day.  That tells you my age … Continue reading

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The Stone Remains Silent Even When Disturbed

Originally posted on O at the Edges:
The Stone Remains Silent Even When Disturbed In whose tongue do you dream? I fall closer to death than birth, yet the moon’s sliver still parts the bare branches and an unfilled trench…

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Confession of a Course Junkie

Hello, my name is Mary.  I’m a Course Junkie.  I am addicted to learning.  It’s been six hours since I’d learnt anything.  I was sleeping. Maybe I lied.  I know I was at least trying to learn something in my … Continue reading

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To Jillian Skinner, Health Minister: Thank you for Cancelling my Funding

Dear Health Minister I was grateful to be eligible for 80% funding for my medical equipment due to chronic illnesses.  However, the price of the equipment went up five times as soon as I qualified and the order went through … Continue reading

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That Trumps the Lot – This is USA today

Now I’ve heard everything.   Another trumpet from the Republicans’ popular presidential candidate:  ban free beliefs.  Some Republicans say that “that’s not us, that’s not what being Republicans is about” but I say to them:  own it!  This is your reflection. … Continue reading

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Answers to Your Questions

I have not accepted any nominations for awards and thus I have offended some who nominated me.  As an apology, I have furnished the following answers to the latest eleven questions, but I don’t accept awards or perpetuate them: What is your favorite … Continue reading

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Sometimes You Have to Create Your Own Rainbow

I crochet :)

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Triple Filtered Worm Juice

by The Mad Worm Woman Maybe it’s overkill but I tend not to do things by halves.  Volunteers of tomatoes, capsicums, chillies, cucumbers and all sorts of vegetables have been sprouting all over the place and I’ve decided to make … Continue reading

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Session Eight – Introduction to Chinese Calligraphy

This is our last session and we will conclude with a demonstration of the backing technique.  Works on Chinese xuan paper are delicate and need to be reinforced for framing but there is another reason for doing so. Chinese ink … Continue reading

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