Too Hot to Wear but Not too Hot to Warm

It’s been hovering around 30ºC, often higher, in harbour side Sydney and according to the forecast, this weather will continue for some time.  It’s too hot to knit but today I decided to bag up the knitting and send them on to Wayside Chapel.  They won’t be able to sell them in their op-shop right now; they probably won’t be able to give them away but I want to send them because morale is low and I wanted to gift them to the staff.

They have to be there for people barely hanging on to the fringe of society and often fall off.  This week they’ve had three deaths, one of whom a transgender person who was severely beaten twice just the week before.  Someone rejected and punished by society for being who she was.  It was too much to bear.

I stuffed the woollens into two 5 kg bags and dropped them at the post office.  Hopefully they’ll offer a little warmth in the hearts of those who are chilled by recent events.  Events that happens regularly but less often in such quick succession.

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4 Responses to Too Hot to Wear but Not too Hot to Warm

  1. Laurie Graves says:

    Lovely! They would be perfect in Maine right now. We’ve had another cold snap, with the temp getting down to around zero (Fahrenheit) in the night. No ice-out yet ;)

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  2. Your gesture will be appreciated; I trust the gifts will be

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