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Session One: Chinese Calligraphy for Beginners 2016

My new course begins on May 3 so it’s time I prepare for Session One.  The students were given a list of material to bring but I must gather my own for demonstration purposes.   I have my right arm in a … Continue reading

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The Orchard in Autumn

The orchard continues to produce.  The citruses are starting to dominate but there are still a few figs, loquats, guavas and the last of the Davidson plums.

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It’s supposed to be autumn and I should be harvesting persimmons and pomegranates but their new leaves are being mown continuously by the possums so they don’t get to flower, let alone fruit.  I think I may have to replace them. … Continue reading

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Propagating Figs in Autumn

I use the term ‘autumn’ loosely because we don’t really have one in Sydney.  We’ve turned the clock back one hour and the leaves on my edible fig trees have dropped.  Summer is officially over. We’ve had some rain and … Continue reading

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Open Garden for Breast Cancer

Ang, Ben and I went to a charity plant sale in aid of breast cancer research at Lane Cove today.  The best of its type:  it was held at a private home.  You can see the full grown flowers and … Continue reading

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A Poet’s Take

I have prepared a hand-out of this term’s project (a poem) for my students,  with a word for word translation and my own take/interpretation of it.  The Chinese characters are followed by ‘pinyin’, the Mandarin phonetic spelling 。 令狐楚 Linghu Chu … Continue reading

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Poetry Project for Chinese Calligraphy

Calligraphy is the art of beautiful writing.  Writing; so it must be meaningful.  As a project for a beginner’s calligraphy course, a poem may be too demanding.  However, individual characters within that poem are achievable and may be built upon … Continue reading

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Teaching Chinese Calligraphy

I never imagined that I would be teaching Chinese Calligraphy.  I am not a calligrapher; I am not a teacher. I was assisting my teacher who IS a master calligrapher by tutoring the newbies in class with their basic strokes, something … Continue reading

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Mushrooms and Mushrooms

Found some mushrooms at the foot of a Magnolia tree at the nursery.   I’m not an expert of fungi but I don’t think they’re edible.  Better stick to the ones I found at the produce market, I think…  

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Tall Ship and Kirribilli House

Coming home on the ferry I took this picture of the tall ship with the Prime Minister’s official residence in the background (on the right).  However, our PM is not living there; he has his own fifty million dollar mansion … Continue reading

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One Man’s Rubbish

I have stayed indoors most of this quiet week so decided to venture out on this sunny Saturday.  First thing I noticed as I watered the garden is the pile of rubbish that a neighbour decided to throw out – … Continue reading

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