One Man’s Rubbish

I have stayed indoors most of this quiet week so decided to venture out on this sunny Saturday.  First thing I noticed as I watered the garden is the pile of rubbish that a neighbour decided to throw out – butted right against my fence and the curcuma (turmeric for those who cook) outside one corner of my place.


Unfortunately this is a common sight outside my place

I tend to look at rubbish with a different eye.  On close examination, I see that there are multiple items that are useful so I took a mental note to declutter that corner by taking some of the items off the pile.

There were three bundles of jute bags that I know the worms in my worm farms would love – as bedding, as food and as cover.    From the words printed on the bags I gathered they once held coffee beans – “Café Brazil; Save the Amazon (?)”.  The camellia overhead has anointed them with petals.  They came home with me.


Two glass vases were likewise inexplicably dumped – I’m sure they’ll be presentable after a good wash.  I can take them down to the op shop if I can’t find use for them.


I see no flaws on this one


This one has a tiny chip on the lip.


The lane looks a little tidier now until pick-up on Monday

Rubbish like this would end up as landfill.  It’s a pity as our council collects recyclables regularly – if only the owner would sort them:  the cardboard and fabric can be recycled and  most things won’t break down readily if they are in plastic bags.

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19 Responses to One Man’s Rubbish

  1. arlingwoman says:

    Great finds! My neighbors discard all sorts of things, too. Sometimes I scrounge them for other people. It’s a shame when something useful goes into the trash.

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    • Mary Tang says:

      Yes, I send alerts to my friends when I see things lying around that they might like. For example, I saw a church pew that seats ten people and persuaded my friends to take it AND give a donation to the church :)

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  2. taphian says:

    you are completely right, Mary. It’s a good thing to divide trash, to put glass and old papers to the container etc. But happily you found some things you can re-use and that’s important, too. I re-use a lot of things and that helps the environment a lot. Hope you will find some nice things again, Mary, have a nice weekend, regards Mitza

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  3. Laurie Graves says:

    One man’s junk is another woman’s treasure. Great scrounging! (I come from a long line of scroungers.)

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  4. You know we appreciate your recycling, Mary

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  5. jameslantern says:

    He he like the intro


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