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Session 5: Chinese Calligraphy for Beginners

The term ‘beginner’ means something different to each of my students; some are writing Tang dynasty poems in full and others are struggling with individual characters. We are in the second half of the term and students are expected to … Continue reading

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Meeting a Genius but not The Genius

An audience with a Genius is a big event at the Apple Store and yesterday I met one and I was in awe.  Only at Apple do they elevate the repairman to the top level – hey, they’re the ones … Continue reading

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Waiting for Genius

So a week before my Uni course is due to start, my MacBook Air failed.  I would need to have it fixed but in any case I need a new computer for my Uni course; they’d sent me a list of … Continue reading

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Session 4: Chinese Calligraphy for Beginners

My class of 10 students now consists of five well practiced calligraphers, three ‘beginners’ with knowledge of Chinese characters and two novices with no knowledge of Chinese language. It is a curious thing that one should start learning about a new … Continue reading

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Session 3: Chinese Calligraphy for Beginners

Q & A from Session 2: Q:  A new student asked:  how do we know where to start? A:  There are rules of stroke sequences that would determine ‘where to start’.  For example, ‘from top to bottom’;’horizontal before vertical when … Continue reading

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Scooter Series

Originally posted on BLAKE CARTER | Drawings and Paintings:
It looks like Chinese Calligraphy but what a surprise… BLAKE CARTER | Drawings and Paintings View original post

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Session 2: Chinese Calligraphy for Beginners

Last week we took more time to settle in than anticipated so this week we will begin with a revision and expansion on the horizontal stroke before moving on.  The horizontal stroke does not exist in isolation except in the … Continue reading

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One For Mary Tang

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AS ALWAYS, CLICKING ON AN IMAGE, REPEATED IF NECESSARY, WILL ENLARGE IT The kitchen door was open this morning as I wandered into it. Such was the heady blend of sweet scents that pervaded the room,…

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Harvesting Citrus and Baking with Lemons

  I promised Sabine I would post my favourite Lemon Cake recipe for her.  Sabine is one of the best food writer I know.  Her writing, photography and recipes are some of the best in the genre AND she posts in two languages! … Continue reading

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Q & A from Session One

Last Tuesday’s Chinese Calligraphy for Beginners course saw eight of the twelve enrolled students turn up for class.  One absentee, I was told, is still in Hong Kong. As usual for the first session, we ran out of time, but … Continue reading

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Wired and Ready

  Leaving home this morning felt like arming up to battle.  On my left upper arm is the 24hr blood pressure monitor and on the lower arm a splint for tendonitis.  On my right is the pressure bandage for the … Continue reading

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White Adriatic Fig from Cuttings

I popped some cuttings of the White Adriatic Figs in a plastic bag two weeks ago and they have sprouted roots already.  All I did was to wrap them in paper towels and squirted some water onto the towels to … Continue reading

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Sydney on Sunday

Today Sydney-siders head for the great outdoors.  It’s Sunday so it’s $2.50 to travel all day by bus, trains and ferries.  Ben, Ang and I went on the ferry to the Botanical Gardens then visited the Art Gallery of New … Continue reading

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