Waiting for Genius

So a week before my Uni course is due to start, my MacBook Air failed.  I would need to have it fixed but in any case I need a new computer for my Uni course; they’d sent me a list of requirements and the MacBook doesn’t comply.

It seems like hours since I walked into the Apple Store in downtown Sydney.  I’d queued for an appointment so while I was waiting to see a Genius, I browsed the new iMacs.

I have used a laptop for so long that I have forgotten what it’s like to have a big screen in front of me; the smallest screen at 21″ looks enormous compared to my 13″ Air.  A boy young enough to be my grandson took me through the paces of matching my Uni’s requirement list to their computer.  Tick, tick, tick, oh yes, we have twice that much of this and four times of that; no worries.  Looking good but then came the ‘but’s…

The iMac comes with a mouse (I can’t remember the last time I used one); however a trackpad is available at $199 unless you trade in the mouse; net cost $70.  No DVD/CD combo drive; that would be $129.00 extra.  You’d want a hard drive for back up, another $139.95.  When we’ve fixed your MacBook Air we can do a data migration across to the iMac for $129.00.  Grand total: $2,626.95

The Genius is still to appear and I’ve been in here for two and a half hours.  I suggest they put in a coffee shop, but they say they’ll lose all their staff in there.  Meanwhile my MacBook has been backed up into the Time Machine in case we need to wipe its memory clean to fix the problem.  Then we can reload the info back onto it, minus the gremlins, I hope.  After that I must leave my not so trusty MacBook Air and my brand new iMac behind for the data migration and  I will be lighter in my pocket, in my bag and hopefully, in spirit.



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2 Responses to Waiting for Genius

  1. I don’t think you’ll regret it, Mary.

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