Knitting at Café Paradiso

It was the official Queen’s Birthday and my friend Angela and I met for lunch (Duck Noodle Soup)at Sam’s Thai then repaired to our favourite café for coffee and knitting.  Yes, knitting.

It was a long weekend and patrons were few so we took over a long table and started a serious discussion about the tangle Angela made of her shawl.  We spread it out and I made an unpopular diagnosis:  we have to pull several rows out.  She refused so I did it for her,  and picked up a hundred stitches under the eyes of a number of matrons at nearby tables.  This drew comments across the room and visitors to our table as they left.  One lady said she was inspired to pick up knitting again, another said that she hopes to see us again: she’s there regularly, every Sunday around 11 a.m. :)  The waitress hovered around us and asked endless questions.  No, she doesn’t knit but her mum does; however nothing so beautiful and colourful as Angela’s shawl.  A beamed.

I showed Angela the scarves/shawls I knitted for the homeless.  They are all quick and easy pieces, using only the Knit stitch with increasing/decreasing where necessary.   No purling!  Here are some of them:

The Blue and Brown ScarIMG_4602f is knitted with two different weight yarns and two different size needles, in this case 5mm and 12 mm.  You start with the smaller needle, the appropriate size for the yarn and knit one row then change to the larger needle in another colour and knit one row.  Change yarn but back to the smaller needle and knit one row, change to larger size needle and knit one row.  Repeat.

This neat little collar is knitted on the bias.  It’s a plain tube seen here folded over.  Use slightly smaller size needles to get the stiffer fabric.


This red shawl was knitted in a self stripping yarn: Cast on three stitches then increase one at the beginning of the right side of every other row until length required then decrease one at the beginning of every other row.  The left hand edge stays straight and the right hand side goes out and in again to make a triangle.


The easiest of them all:  a plain strip of knitting joined together with a twist (eternity).  You join the right side to the wrong side; it drapes more stylishly than the tube.

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6 Responses to Knitting at Café Paradiso

  1. Lovely post :) love to see your charity projects. I was recently knitting in a cafe too and got a lot of attention which really surprised me…I actually started sweating under the intense scrutiny of every stitch being observed! People said it was great I was knitting as it was a dying art that should be kept alive…I guess they’ve never seen ravelry… :)

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    • Mary Tang says:

      I would have watched you too if I was in the café; that’s so funny. I bet some of those matrons watching us wanted to rush over to tell us what we were doing wrong :) Yes I am still waiting for someone to recognise that what I am doing is actually trendy and not so deadly old fashioned. :)

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  2. Jan Schaper says:

    So appealing, Mary . . . both in terms of the actual creation and the motive behind it. And I love the colors.

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  3. taphian says:

    beautiful pieces you made, dear Mary. Have a nice day, regards Mitza

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