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Chinese Painting Exhibition

Yesterday my friend Helen took me to the Australian Chinese Painting Society members’ exhibition in Meadowbank.  There you see beginners’ work (some elaborately mounted and framed) alongside those of award winning artists (including some hastily and simply presented).  I was … Continue reading

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Session 16 and Students’ Exhibition – Chinese Calligraphy for Beginners

After a party and no work done at Session 16, students’ work were hung in the Willoughby Council’s lobby where they will be on display for a month. The students all brought food and had a party instead of a … Continue reading

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Update on Fig Cuttings

Five months after stabbing some cuttings of the White Adriatic into pots, I have trees: Today I put them out into the sun; well, as much sun as my jacaranda tree would allow them.  The Blue Provence, Brown Turkey, Black Genoa … Continue reading

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Street Flowers, Cut Flowers

Last Saturday I visited our local market and admired the flower stall  but walking home I found street flowers more attractive. They look less creepy when they are in flower :) I think street flowers look prettier than cut flowers:

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Moon (Mid-Autumn) Festival中秋節

I don’t keep a Chinese lunar calendar but tonight my brother wrote from Beijing that they can’t see the moon for the pollution and wished me better luck.  It is my good fortune that I can see the moon; the … Continue reading

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Copy Cat in the Garden

I’d threatened to copy Derrick‘s design of a gardening trolley and today I did.  Not being as handy as he, my version is rather primitive in comparison, smaller and let’s just say inferior.  Whereas he used a large IKEA metal trolley, … Continue reading

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Session 15 Chinese Calligraphy for Beginners

I am happy to report that every one of my students turned up on the due date with their artwork.  I must admit to being nervous that someone may, for one reason or another fail to show. After all the oohs and … Continue reading

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Spring is Here

September 1 is the official first day of spring in Sydney  and I see evidence of the season in my garden, in my neighbourhood and at the nurseries on Fathers’ Day with Ben and Ang: Thanks for another nice day, A&B.

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Sessions 13 & 14 Chinese Calligraphy for Beginners

I was absent from class in Session 13 due to a bad back and the student proved me right in believing that it’s time to retire.  They did brilliantly without me :)  T, the most senior student was a capable … Continue reading

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