Street Flowers, Cut Flowers

Last Saturday I visited our local market and admired the flower stall  but walking home I found street flowers more attractive.


Kangaroo Paws – why would anyone want to impose such a creepy image on them?


Kangaroo Paws – the gold version

They look less creepy when they are in flower :)

I think street flowers look prettier than cut flowers:




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6 Responses to Street Flowers, Cut Flowers

  1. angela1313 says:

    And they last longer, you get more time to enjoy them. Sometimes in winter I indulge in cut flowers, but only varieties I can dry and reincarnate as potpourri.

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  2. Sunshine Jansen says:

    You are right: why did they have to turn them into creepy ‘kangaroo paws’! But if I distance myself from the imagery that’s been forced upon them, I think they’re wonderful (especially in bloom). All of them, of course, are exotic to me! Let’s see, what’s in bloom in my garden right now… Nothing but asters. There’ll be chrysanthemums soon, at this rate…


  3. We share your preference. We only put our ‘accidents’ in ‘accident pots’ for broken blooms. The rest stay in the garden.

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