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The Year of the Rooster

Although the first month of 2017 is ending, today is New Year’s Day in Australia for those who follow the lunar calendar.  The lunar calendar follows the cycle of the moon so there is a new moon on the first … Continue reading

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Saying Goodbye to My Babies

Last October I promised Maureen Martin that I would  propagate some plants from my garden in aid of cancer research.  Maureen and Keith propagate plants  from their garden all year around and sell them twice a  year in Lane Cove. … Continue reading

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Defender of the Figs

I have installed security surveillance on my fig tree that succeeded in deterring marauding  birds and beasts!  The sight of a fig ripening on my trees to the point of bursting is rare until  the Black Leopard started sitting guard. He is a … Continue reading

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Oxalis triangularis (Purple Shamrock)

Though I have often said that there are no such things as indoor plants, I do bring flowers from my garden into the house as most of my plants are in containers.  We are fortunate to have outdoor weather all year … Continue reading

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Adaglossum Summit ‘Frenchtown’ Orchid

I bought this orchid in October 2016.  It arrived as a mature plant in a 100mm pot. Since then I have repotted it in a 130mm pot and it has thrown out two flower spikes (or two ‘swords’, as the … Continue reading

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Those Figging Birds!

On my daily inspection this morning, a bird fluttered out of my fig tree.   Sure enough, I spotted a not-quite-ripe fruit torn open and left gaping at the sky.  I picked the fig off the tree in case it … Continue reading

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Figs are In

My urban orchard lives in the shade of a jacaranda tree so harvests are delayed due to the deprivation of sunlight.  Here I have been waiting for the figs to ripen.  At the end of last year, that is the … Continue reading

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How my Garden survived the Heat Wave

Today’s forecasted high is 26ºC (78.8ºF); that is hot enough for me but it’s a respite from yesterday’s 38ºC (100.4ºF) maximum.  At 7:00 a.m., it was a pleasant 22ºC and cloudy so I took the opportunity to photograph the garden to show … Continue reading

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Other People’s Orchids

The other night I made a rare nocturnal foray into the world of orchid societies but I came away before the monthly meeting started at 8:00 p.m. According to their newsletter a lesson for novices was scheduled before the meeting but … Continue reading

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Inside and Outside the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney 1/1/17

Sydney was quiet after the fireworks on New Year’s Eve so my friend Lucy and I headed for The Rocks to visit the MCA.  Outside along the shore was the ubiquitous cruise ship, dwarfing the Harbour Bridge.  A guitarist entertained … Continue reading

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