Bitter as Wine

A fig can turn to wine all by itself.  When you split it you can tell if it’s fermented – the smell of liquor hits you before it runs down your arm.  I don’t find a fermented fig appetising and the honey-like goo is too disgusting to me to taste, but some people may like it.

Maybe that’s how water turns to wine.  It happens when it rains.  The ripe figs ferment and rot; the green ones split – well they all split when they absorb too much water.

It’s raining.  I feel for the fig growers.  I am sad for myself and my harvest.  Hopefully some are small and hard enough to survive the downpour.  Early this morning I went out and rescued a dozen of them – I hope they won’t be the last.


Some were rescued just in time


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10 Responses to Bitter as Wine

  1. Sunshine Jansen says:

    Very much enjoying catching up with your garden of fruits and verses after us both being away for a spell. However I now have a wild craving for figs (though I too think I will pass on the fermented ones!) :)


  2. taphian says:

    your figs are really huge, Mary


  3. Some fine, fluent, alliteration here. ‘Rain, rain, go away…’

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  4. arlingwoman says:

    I love seeing your figs. Hope you get some coming on after the rain. What is that large one? I’ve never seen one that big, filling a palm (unless you have very tiny hands).

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    • Mary Tang says:

      The large one is a Black Genoa; they all are except the green one, a Picone. The BGs can get very big; this one was picked a little too soon or it might get bigger. I do have small hands. :)


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