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Dragon Boats and Dumplings

My brother Clarence Hui who lives in Beijing reminded me that it is that time of the year when there are dragon boat races everywhere and everyone is eating sticky rice dumplings wrapped in bamboo leaves.  He sent these photographs … Continue reading

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Hanging Orchids

I read of Jackie‘s creation of a hanging garden on Derrick Knight’s blog and saw the finished medleys of flowers in subsequent posts.  They have inspired me to post my own hanging plants. I am a novice orchid grower so most of … Continue reading

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Rainbow Lorikeets

I walk through St. Leonards Park every Saturday on my way to Pottery and last week I spotted a rainbow lorikeet peeping out of a tree hollow.  It’s a good thing our council didn’t remove these habitats. Yesterday I checked to … Continue reading

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Persevering with Pottery

There is something about fingering a ball of clay that is mesmerising.  I have been doing so, on and off since the 80s and though I never produced any masterpiece I never tire of mangling lumps of clay into something … Continue reading

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Orchard-Mix Marmalade

Last Sunday we saw some marmalade for sale at exorbitant prices and I said to Ben, I can make that for the price of sugar.  I have the fruit in my orchard and what is marmalade but citrus and sugar? … Continue reading

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Begonia tenella on Mother’s Day

Ang, Ben and I, all motherless now and with no children to celebrate parenthood with us, went on a nursery crawl in Dural and had a joyous time on Mother’s Day. Ang bought lunch and Ben gave me this beautiful … Continue reading

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My Orchard in May

The camellias and oranges spell ‘winter’ but at 14º – 21º C the weather is mild for May in Sydney, Australia where our seasons are opposite to the Northern Hemisphere..  We’ve had a few overnight showers (like Camelot where the … Continue reading

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