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Agave attenuata Flowers

Today my good mates Ang and Ben took me to Eastwood for lunch at their favourite Chinese restaurant.  I had not expected to bring out my camera as Eastwood is known for good food but not a picturesque suburb.  However … Continue reading

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Ceramic Mounts for Orchids

I have discovered that most of my orchids are epiphytes and prefer not to be confined in a pot so I have been hanging them in web baskets.  Because I also make clay things I decided to create some new … Continue reading

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The Shortest Day of the Year

Today is the shortest day of the year here in Sydney, Australia.  Sunrise to sunset from 7:00 a.m – 4:54 p.m. at 8ºC – 17ºC.  It is mild and the flowers in my garden are blooming regardless of being in … Continue reading

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Rice Porridge and Salted Ducks Eggs

When my old friend Lucy visited me from Vancouver via Hong Kong recently, we ate out a lot and while we ate, we talked about food. We share a love of zhu 粥,a rice porridge made by simmering grains of rice … Continue reading

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Jan the Champion Jam Maker

My friend Jan won a first prize for her Davidson Plum jam at the Show this year so for her birthday I gave her a jam making pot with a swinging handle and a pouring lip. She and Ross called … Continue reading

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Sundays with Jared – Crown of Thorns

Every Sunday, my friend’s son Jared comes to help me in the garden.  Only thirteen, Jared  is already six inches taller than me and as anyone vertically challenged would tell you, an elevation of six inches is helpful indeed. Today I … Continue reading

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