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Take a Cutting – Abutilon (Chinese Lantern)

A cutting is a stem of one plant that you transplant elsewhere to make a new plant. Many plants, including trees in my garden are cutting grown.  One side of my garden would be bare if not for cuttings. Cuttings do … Continue reading

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Platters Parade

I can’t wait to get back to Pottery when the studio reopens in February.  Though my crippled hand and arm do not allow me to do much, it’s occupational therapy that I enjoy. In the second half of last year … Continue reading

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When a Fig is Ripe

I have not written about my figs for a while because I do not want to bore my readers.  Sometimes it feels like my blog should be named Life is But Figs. I have neglected my trees this year by … Continue reading

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Now You see It Now You Don’t

Some plants die back so totally that it is hard to believe that they will come back in time.  I have made the mistake of thinking that a plant had sickened and died so I emptied their remains into the … Continue reading

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A Bicycle Finds a Home

Every two week a pile of ‘rubbish’ appears at the end of my lane.  North Sydney Council collects household wastes fortnightly, encouraging residents to declutter.  What you see here will shortly disappear into a truck and crushed before ending as … Continue reading

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I am Not a Plant Specialist

Recently my local council gave me a runner-up prize for being Best Plant Specialist.  It seemed churlish to protest at the time but I do protest:  I do not specialise!  I was also runner up for the edible garden prize … Continue reading

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No Name Orchids

I have never been impressed by labels alone as I know that labels lie. Recently an oncidium sent out two strong spikes and the flowers surprised me with their form and colour.  It was sold to me as the popular … Continue reading

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