Take a Cutting – Abutilon (Chinese Lantern)

A cutting is a stem of one plant that you transplant elsewhere to make a new plant. Many plants, including trees in my garden are cutting grown.  One side of my garden would be bare if not for cuttings.


This abutilon is vigorous so I am constantly pruning it back.  I stab some pieces in pots and hey presto –   new plants.

Cuttings do take time to root and need care.  I keep them damp until they root then pot them up as they grow. They can be planted in the ground once the roots are strong.


This cutting grown specimen was planted three months ago



Abutilons come in a variety of colours.  I find the hybrids with the larger flowers more difficult to strike than the old fashion tall stemmed varieties.


If you have no access to a cutting, buy one and know that the one plant can turn into hundreds in time.  It will also bloom generously for months.  That is good value.

I am a volunteer propagator for the Huge Plant Sale that raises money for cancer research.  Abutilons will be available in our next sale in April so come and buy one from us:



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7 Responses to Take a Cutting – Abutilon (Chinese Lantern)

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  2. taphian says:

    These abutilons are really so beautiful. They have wonderful colors. You created a little paradise and I guess you take a lot out of your little garden. Have a nice day, dear Mary,
    kind regards Mitza

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  3. arlingwoman says:

    Those blossoms are so pretty. I have not made a lot of cuttings, but I think I should look into it, based on this post.

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