The Long Flowering Season of Fuchsias

Here in Sydney we have up to 40ºC days and nights are in the twenties at times.  My new potted fuchsias are wanting water everyday and we have not had much rain.

So I would not say that they are low maintenance here but that is the price we pay for that display.  I have been enjoying the flowers on my fuchsias for months.  I saw on Derrick Knight’s blog that they were still flowering in the UK as the weather cools so we should have months more of blooms to enjoy here.


I bought this last October and it’s been flowering like this since


The heat has turned the white caps pink


Fuchsias get leggy as they grow so it’s good practice to pinch off excess growth to promote bushiness and encourage flowering,  I like to tuck the bits into pots to make new plants.  In fact I tip prune my fuchsias as soon as I get them home so that the cuttings have plenty of time to establish before the weather cools.

See below mother fuchsia and her three babies.  Mum’s ready for another haircut and the babies, already flowering are ready to be potted up.



Three months old cutting


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16 Responses to The Long Flowering Season of Fuchsias

  1. Donnalee says:

    Those are beautiful. I don’t think they grow well here near Woodstock NY in the US, or at least would have to be taken in much of the year. Hmm, maybe I could do–

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  2. taphian says:

    These fuchsias are really very beautiful in colors and forms, dear Mary. I especially like the light pink one with the long stamina. If I would live close to you, I would like to have some cuttings:) They even grow here in our climate. Have a nice day, kind regards Mitza

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  3. Lovely Mary, you have some beauties, they flower into the Autumn here and I love them, here we have to be able to know the difference between the hardy fuchsias and the tender ones. Some easily take freezing temperatures but it kills off others.

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  4. Beautiful flowers and beautiful photos

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  5. janesmudgeegarden says:

    Fuchsias are in my group of most loved flowers, and I used to have them when we lived in Sydney. Here in the Central tablelands it’s both too hot and too cold, so I’ll have to content myself with looking at your beautiful photos.

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