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January to March in my Garden

This has become such a long post that perhaps I should have posted each month instead of quarterly,  but no doubt things will slow down in the coming months. Cabramatta, my Oncidium orchid has sent out its eighth spike of … Continue reading

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A Bouquet for a Writing Workshop

I facilitated a writing workshop for the Biennial 2015 at a local City Council.  It was my brain child: born when their Curator and Visual Arts Co-ordinator asked me to help her plan an event that would include the ethnic communities in … Continue reading

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Pollination at Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney

Yesterday Ang and I met in town for a Prawn Noodle then visited the Royal Botanic Garden after lunch.  The Calyx had an exhibition called ‘Pollination’  with sprouting bees and floral alphabets: It was a dull day so I was delighted … Continue reading

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Colourful Coleus from Cuttings

Although Sydney’s weather supports flowering  plants all year round, there are times of the year when colourful leaves take their turn to shine.  We had some wind and rain that battered the blooms overnight so when I went outside this … Continue reading

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Fig Trees for Free

Figs are easy to grow and easy to propagate.  They do not need rich soil or heavy watering.  However most of my fig trees are in pots and they do need pruning.  Whenever I have a bundle of twigs I … Continue reading

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Remembering Stonehenge, London and thereabouts with my Sony Cyber-shot

In response to Derrick Knight‘s post I dug up some photos I sent to friends by email while I was in London for a month in August/September 2013.  All my photos are locked up in an old computer and these … Continue reading

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White Flowers in my Garden

I am attracted to white flowers.  I don’t get full sun anywhere on my garden and white stands out so well in the shade of my jacaranda tree.  Click any image to see a slideshow of the full gallery of … Continue reading

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Gifts of the Rain

This morning I found the garden hung heavy with overnight rain.  The branches barred the way everywhere I went. The passage was closed by the rain laden branches:

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Why I am Still Blogging

WordPress sent their congratulations on my third anniversary as a blogger.  I was surprised that three years have lapsed since my first post.  Why am I still here? This morning I noticed someone from Slovenia read a post I wrote … Continue reading

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Multiplication by Division

Some time ago I bought this plant from the Huge Plant Sale: Oxalis is considered a weed in Sydney, but this is one that we love to cultivate: Oxalia  triangularis, also known as the Love Plant, or Purple Shamrock.   … Continue reading

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Mounted Dendrobium nobile Orchids

On one of the hottest day of 2016, I mounted some keikis for my friend Didi.  I think she was nonplussed about this strange arrangement and left them in a corner of her garden, under the hydrangeas. I used a … Continue reading

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February in my Garden

February was hot (40ºC) and dry, cold (15ºC) and windy and in the end, wet.  We don’t know what to make of it; neither does the garden so yes, I have azaleas flowering as if it is spring while the … Continue reading

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