Barangaroo Reserve to Circular Quay


From the centre of Sydney one is within walking distance from the harbour.  Barangaroo Reserve, the once industrialised and degraded land has been reconstructed with local sandstones and planted with Australian natives.

Part of the trade off for this development is a new built up centre where the dust has yet to settle but I walked with friends away from the roar of bull dozers and the multitudes of cranes to look around the reserve and from there onwards to Circular Quay.




There was a pedestrian walkway right around the reserve, side by side with a path for cyclists that my friends from out of town were determined to share.


Someone remarked that the place will look good in twenty to thirty years.



We sat for a while under the white gum trees at a playground but were driven away by a maintenance crew with leaf blowers.


Rounding Dawe’s Point under the Harbour Bridge we saw a number of brides and grooms having their photographs taken.  So I took their photos before taking the ferry home.







My photo was taken by the ferry man


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7 Responses to Barangaroo Reserve to Circular Quay

  1. arlingwoman says:

    That photo where you can see all the layers in the sandstone is marvelous. What a nice park.

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  2. taphian says:

    Sydney seems to be a beautiful town and resembles a little bit to Hamburg, as we have a lot of water here, too, in the harbour and even in the centre of Hamburg. It was nice to make a walk with you, thanks for sharing all your beauties with us, dear Mary, have a wonderful weekend, kind regards Mitza

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  3. An excellent post, Mary. Lovely photographs well introduced.

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