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This blog is Full – please visit my new one

I have ran out of room here despite deleting a lot of files so please visit at:  and follow that site if you wish.   Due to interruptions from pop-ups I will  not be posting as often but hope … Continue reading

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“The Homeless Chose to be Homeless”

So I was told by a friend who perhaps disapprove of my support of the Wayside Chapel. I gave it some thought for a couple of seconds and said, Yes, I guess we all find ourselves where we are due … Continue reading

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Why I am Not Renewing on Wordpress

  First, for weeks now I have not been able to read or write on my site without interruptions from WordPress with messages requesting usage of space on my drive. These messages blocked any effective use of the site; they … Continue reading

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Barangaroo Reserve to Circular Quay

From the centre of Sydney one is within walking distance from the harbour.  Barangaroo Reserve, the once industrialised and degraded land has been reconstructed with local sandstones and planted with Australian natives. Part of the trade off for this development … Continue reading

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Catholic Cardinal George Pell to stand trial on historical sexual offences

This morning’s headline read: Pell to stand trial for sexual offences George Pell is a Catholic cardinal, Australia’s most senior Catholic, treasurer of the Vatican. A Melbourne magistrate this morning announced that there is enough evidence to commit Cardinal George … Continue reading

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That was my April

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Seeking Family for Oncidium Cabramatta

I have been searching online for a familiar face that is related to my Cabramatta, so named because I bought it at the side of the road in that suburb.  It had no tag and was clinging to half a … Continue reading

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Expiring in 21 days

My premium account  with WordPress expires in 21 days.  I thank WordPress for providing a platform for my writing and a means of sharing my love of gardening.  My original account was free but there was the potential of having … Continue reading

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Must Leave Wordpress

I have been bombarded with this sort of messages from WordPress – pop-ups that won’t go away and won’t allow me to write anything while they are on my screen. I must quit if this does not stop.  My contract … Continue reading

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Final Delivery to The Huge Plant Sale

This morning Ang and I took more of my cutting grown plants to Keith & Maureene’s place for their April 29 charity sale to raise funds for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. We could see that preparations are earnestly underway: … Continue reading

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Even now–the sun rises

Originally posted on FROO & BOO:
My mother-in-law’s long-time friend, Mary Tang, is a poet. She lives in Australia and recently contacted me about a custom Froo & Boo order. She sent me a poem that she wrote and wanted…

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Vireya Rhododendrons

I often pick up ‘hospital plants’ on visits to the nurseries.  They are always marked down to a fraction of their original price as they are usually unhappy in some way and on their way out.  I like to rescue … Continue reading

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Deflasking Orchid Seedlings

Recently I succumbed to a fit of orchid madness and bought 30 seedlings of the Dockrillia Teretifolium ‘Bridal Vail’ in a flask.  I saw a mature specimen on display at an orchid show and was smitten at once. These are … Continue reading

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An Old Chinese Rose and the Hoverfly

  The Rosa chinensis ‘Mutabilis’ left China ‘prior to 1894’.  The flowers change colour as they age from a pale yellow to deep crimson. I love their simple five-petal blooms and it seems that the hoverfly is also a fan. … Continue reading

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January to March in my Garden

This has become such a long post that perhaps I should have posted each month instead of quarterly,  but no doubt things will slow down in the coming months. Cabramatta, my Oncidium orchid has sent out its eighth spike of … Continue reading

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A Bouquet for a Writing Workshop

I facilitated a writing workshop for the Biennial 2015 at a local City Council.  It was my brain child: born when their Curator and Visual Arts Co-ordinator asked me to help her plan an event that would include the ethnic communities in … Continue reading

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Pollination at Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney

Yesterday Ang and I met in town for a Prawn Noodle then visited the Royal Botanic Garden after lunch.  The Calyx had an exhibition called ‘Pollination’  with sprouting bees and floral alphabets: It was a dull day so I was delighted … Continue reading

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Colourful Coleus from Cuttings

Although Sydney’s weather supports flowering  plants all year round, there are times of the year when colourful leaves take their turn to shine.  We had some wind and rain that battered the blooms overnight so when I went outside this … Continue reading

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