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“The Homeless Chose to be Homeless”

So I was told by a friend who perhaps disapprove of my support of the Wayside Chapel. I gave it some thought for a couple of seconds and said, Yes, I guess we all find ourselves where we are due … Continue reading

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Final Delivery to The Huge Plant Sale

This morning Ang and I took more of my cutting grown plants to Keith & Maureene’s place for their April 29 charity sale to raise funds for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. We could see that preparations are earnestly underway: … Continue reading

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Even now–the sun rises

Originally posted on FROO & BOO:
My mother-in-law’s long-time friend, Mary Tang, is a poet. She lives in Australia and recently contacted me about a custom Froo & Boo order. She sent me a poem that she wrote and wanted…

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Deflasking Orchid Seedlings

Recently I succumbed to a fit of orchid madness and bought 30 seedlings of the Dockrillia Teretifolium ‘Bridal Vail’ in a flask.  I saw a mature specimen on display at an orchid show and was smitten at once. These are … Continue reading

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January to March in my Garden

This has become such a long post that perhaps I should have posted each month instead of quarterly,  but no doubt things will slow down in the coming months. Cabramatta, my Oncidium orchid has sent out its eighth spike of … Continue reading

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Scooter Series

Originally posted on BLAKE CARTER | Drawings and Paintings:
It looks like Chinese Calligraphy but what a surprise… BLAKE CARTER | Drawings and Paintings View original post

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Bergamot luck

I was so delighted to find bergamots at the market lately, or rather they found me, making their way into my basket disguised as organic lemons. Not really paying attention, that´s what I mistook them for. Back home I realized…

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Session 9 – Introduction to Chinese Calligraphy

My eight weeks Introduction to Chinese Calligraphy course has been extended for another eight weeks.  We broke up on December 1 last year and after an eight weeks’ break, six of my students turned up yesterday.  MOSAIC, the multicultural centre … Continue reading

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Chinese New Year Down Under

Australians are mad about celebrating Chinese New year.  It’s ironic, since Chinese men were fair game to the early white settlers; they prized every scalp they captured, preferably with pigtails attached.  Chinese women too if there were any to be … Continue reading

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It Didn’t Just Happen to Me

At Flemington’s produce market this morning I felt for the fig growers.  Like me, their crop has suffered from the rain and storm but the show must go on so their Brown Turkeys turned up with their faces split into … Continue reading

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Term II: Introduction to Chinese Calligraphy

At the end of last year I taught an eight weeks course on Chinese Calligraphy.  A number of students requested a continuation, so after an eight weeks break we will resume class next week. I am not a professional teacher … Continue reading

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Keeping an Eye on the Prize

As summer progresses, it is my daily chore to check for ripened figs –if you can call it a chore.  I took my eye off the trees for a day or so because of the rain and storm and the … Continue reading

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Crepe Myrtle

My Crepe Myrtle always flowers as Chinese New Year approaches.  At home in Hong Kong the flower markets would be selling pink peach blossoms at exorbitant prices.  Here Down Under it is summer and Crepe Myrtle would have to do to … Continue reading

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Let It All Unravel

I’m not one to look back; it’s my defence mechanism; my survival instinct.    Move forward.  My favourite caption by Michel Leunig the poet/cartoonist (from memory so please excuse mistakes): Let it go Let it be Let it all unravel … Continue reading

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Good Intentions

Other than bugs and other pests that I need to combat everyday, occasionally a friend calls in.  Sometimes a friend bring friends and all would give me advice when they see my garden. They tell me how to get rid … Continue reading

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The Figs are Ripening

My orchard is under the shade of a jacaranda tree so it’s relatively late in providing a harvest, but that time has come. Early worries of rain spoiling the fruit still hang overhead, as the forecasts are warning of days … Continue reading

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Making Changes and Being Different

They say that if you’re normal, like 97% of humanity, you would effect change by doing more of the same or less of the same things that you’ve always done; work harder perhaps or procrastinate less to achieve success.  Only … Continue reading

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One for Me, One for You

Once the first ripe fig has been consumed, the fig petrol begins.  There would be at least a fig a day until they come in threes and fours, or more. Today I spied a large ripening one on my neighbours’ … Continue reading

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