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When a Fig is Ripe

I have not written about my figs for a while because I do not want to bore my readers.  Sometimes it feels like my blog should be named Life is But Figs. I have neglected my trees this year by … Continue reading

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Bitter as Wine

A fig can turn to wine all by itself.  When you split it you can tell if it’s fermented – the smell of liquor hits you before it runs down your arm.  I don’t find a fermented fig appetising and … Continue reading

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Figs and Figs and Figs

I have ten varieties of figs and I am eating the fruit from three of them at the moment.  The relentless heatwave (29ºC at night; high 30s in the day) has hastened the ripening so I am picking more fruit … Continue reading

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Defender of the Figs

I have installed security surveillance on my fig tree that succeeded in deterring marauding  birds and beasts!  The sight of a fig ripening on my trees to the point of bursting is rare until  the Black Leopard started sitting guard. He is a … Continue reading

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Go Away, Summer Rain

I hear heavy rain outside my window.  Oh no.  My figs are ripening and what I least want is a deluge to rot the lot.  Last week we had two days of rain and some ripened fruit dropped to the … Continue reading

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