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Variations on a Theme

As a teacher of Chinese calligraphy, an art form that is difficult to master, I like to remind my students that it is better to write one or two characters well than fill pages with flawed characters. As a master of flaws, … Continue reading

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Why I Kept Trying (Sock Saga IV)

I don’t want to be beaten by a sock.  How lame would that be?  However, I don’t want to risk my sanity or raise my blood pressure either so before I started again, I looked up ‘The Benefits of Knitting’ … Continue reading

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That is Who They Are

Sometimes I feel I must move away from this neighbourhood.  You know, vile neighbours who use bad language (including the f and c words), theft from my orchard, noise of every type: screaming kids (perpetual toddlers the woman next door … Continue reading

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To Teach or Not to Teach

One of my students challenged me about teaching Chinese calligraphy when I am not a practicing calligrapher.  Incidentally I’m not a certified teacher either. :) I  accept that some of my students may need a more advanced level of teaching .  As I said … Continue reading

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You Win Some You Lose Some

I’ve had to pick the figs a day or two before they’re fully ripened on the trees or I would end up with none.  It’s a shame as tree ripened fruit are so good but I’m no match for the … Continue reading

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Two Sides to Every Story

I feared for the worst after days of rain and storms but this morning I twisted a number of ripe figs from the tree.  There were damages but one must look at the better side of things.  

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Let It All Unravel

I’m not one to look back; it’s my defence mechanism; my survival instinct.    Move forward.  My favourite caption by Michel Leunig the poet/cartoonist (from memory so please excuse mistakes): Let it go Let it be Let it all unravel … Continue reading

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The Figs are Ripening

My orchard is under the shade of a jacaranda tree so it’s relatively late in providing a harvest, but that time has come. Early worries of rain spoiling the fruit still hang overhead, as the forecasts are warning of days … Continue reading

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Making Changes and Being Different

They say that if you’re normal, like 97% of humanity, you would effect change by doing more of the same or less of the same things that you’ve always done; work harder perhaps or procrastinate less to achieve success.  Only … Continue reading

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If the Shoes Fit

I bought myself some ballet flats.  Why not?  For me, at 63, it’s time to ballet! I am unfit and looking for motivation to exercise. After checking the local community college programme,  I enrolled in “Ballet for Over 55s”.  First, … Continue reading

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The Shape of Mountains

It’s a new year but it’s also a new day by day.  I try not to shape the future but I am trying to imagine the shape of it.  It appears to be in the shape of mountains. A mountain … Continue reading

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The Tree Solution

I live in a back lane lined with backyards and I alone face it from my front door.   It is a garbage lane where the council’s trucks come in twice a week to collect garbage, recyclable material and green … Continue reading

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This Too Shall Pass

Another year is behind me and on this third day of a new year I will make no promises or set goals.  I know what I wish for the world but the world will be as it will be.  Those … Continue reading

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Putting things in Perspective

I have received my annual report from WordPress.  It was humbling to find that my top post was one that contained the least words and just one picture.  I noticed its popularity and added another pic and a line in … Continue reading

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The Good Stuff

Today I need to notice the good stuff. The rain stopped and the sun is shinning.  The humidity is gone and there is a light breeze that fans my face as I walk around the orchard.  I have an orchard! The … Continue reading

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Philosopher or Psychopath

As a gardener, one must be philosophical but sometimes there’s a fine line between being a philosopher and a psychopath and today I feel like morphing into the latter.  A serial killer like Dexter, and the guilty that I’d like … Continue reading

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